About Us

We are an independent team of documentary filmmakers. After working in the video industry for over 10 years, we started PARAGRAPHIC in 2020 as a way to showcase our own creative abilities. Our desire was to combine our filmmaking skills with original storytelling to bring you a new type of content. 

We're passionate about relatable stories and actionable information. Not news and politics that's happening across the globe or within elite circles of wealth and status, but stories that matter to you. Something you can watch and immediately take action on. Maybe that's baking, cooking, growing, gardening, farming, creating, composting, or something we haven't even covered yet! We're always looking for our next adventure and want you to be a part of the ride.

The world is a big place with so much happening that you might never see it unless we show up with our cameras. Garage bakeries, home startups, residential grow-ops, backyard farms, these are the people proving that anything is possible and you can turn your dreams into a reality.

"If you actually want to do it, if you've got that spark in you, just take that first step. Don't be intimidated. Think big and think outside the box."